Hello and welcome to my website! I am so glad that you are here and I hope you find what it is that you seek. Whether it be the comfort of knowing that death is not the end, you’d like help activating and learning to use your own psychic abilities, or you’d like some guidance from Spirit on your life circumstances, you are in the right place!

As a Spiritual Teacher, I take my purpose very seriously and treat each of my clients and sessions with the utmost integrity, confidentiality, respect and compassion. As a respected Psychic Medium in the online spiritual community, I’ve had the honor of touching lives all over the globe, spreading Spirit messages of love, hope and guidance to those who needed it. Students of Spirit Speaks workshops are amazed by my easy to use techniques, which produce real results, and appreciate my down to Earth teaching methods, which makes the information easy to understand, no matter where you are in your journey.

You’ve probably heard me say that everyone is a little bit psychic. I firmly believe this. I aim all of my spiritual teachings to help bridge the gap between what “we’ve always known”, and what I now know to be true of the universe, by my own experience. My intention is to do my best to take the “mystery” out of “Spirituality” for each and every one who is ready to hear the truth.

Thank you so much for your interest in Spirit Speaks!



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Last week (Sept 02, 2020), I felt compelled to join Ms. Corona’s live session. I’ve never met her nor even heard of her. My profile is completely private, no profile pic, no real name, etc. I ask her for a general reading, specifically “career progression”. As she starts the reading, she is kind of getting something but nothing really clear. Due to asking a vague question, I start silently meditating on the kind of answer I’m seeking, without notifying her that I will think harder or without telling her I’m looking for a specific answer. As I finish thinking, there was a loud noise & some interference on the video! Idk if anyone else noticed it, but she immediately states that my guides have arrived! She proceeds to give a message about something that is affecting me now. There is no way she could’ve known that I am afflicted by this certain thing all the time at work. So, yes, I recommend her. She is worth it!”

-Gir E.

“An incredible reading from a beautiful person! Heidi gave me a spot-on reading with encouraging guidance that I am so grateful for. So good! Thank you, Heidi!”

-Brooke D.

“My reading was full of truth chills and magic! I have no doubt my guides spoke through her and gave me the messages I needed. What a gifted and heart centered psychic”

-Amy B.

“BEAUTIFUL readings!!! She definitely knows what she’s doing! Beautiful energy! Highly recommended!!! Very gifted! Her reading resonated highly!”

-Alexis R.

“Just a quick 3 card reading from Heidi illuminated so much for me. She cut right to the center of the issue and provided exactly the message I needed to hear in order to move forward with clearer perspective and understanding.”

-Amy L.

“I had a 3 card reading with Heidi. The reading was exactly what I’m currently going through. She gave me validation and was able to inspire where I should be focused on. Beautiful reading, thank you for your guidance and insight.”

-Lorena C.

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